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George Pszota

Master tech, owner

German cars are the pioneers in quality, luxury, performance and style. Their classy and stylish looks are very popular with car lovers all over the world. It is a dream of many luxury car enthusiasts to own at least one such German car. Although a major apprehension when buying an expensive car is the lack of quality service and repair centers. Regular maintenance and service is vital to ensure that your Mercedes keeps performing the way you want it to perform. However with the passage of time, your car can lose its charm and speed. At George's Auto Service we understand the value of your car and do our best to maintain its performance with regular service and genuine part replacements.


The Engine is certainly the most important part of a car. It is the heart of the whole machine and keeping it in good condition is vital for the overall health and performance of any car. Checking the oil, coolant, battery, air-filtration are some of the tasks which need to be performed regularly in order to ensure a smooth running engine. Even a minor issue with the engine should be rectified immediately or it can cost you a lot more in the long run. EUROCARS maintenance and service of your car involves a lot more than just checking and refilling the oil. Rather it is a series of systematic tasks which we perform in order to make your ride enjoyable.


German cars are ideal in terms of investment, because of their long lasting engines and quality parts. It is vital that in the case of luxury cars Mercedes & BMW repair should be performed according to the guidelines specified by the manufacturer in order to maintain its warranties. You also need to make sure that any broken or worn out part of the car is replaced with a genuine part of the highest quality. Your local mechanic might not be the best choice for servicing your luxury car. It should be handled by professional and certified technicians who are aware of its sensitive machinery. Search the internet and you will find that we are a reputable Mercedes & BMW service center and be sure to read any reviews left by our previous customers. Also Mercedes & BMW service centers which offer certified technicians are the safest options. Their expertise and experience of servicing expensive German luxury cars makes them the best judges of any technical or mechanical issues with your car.


34 Years Of Experience In Mercedes Benz and BMW Service & Repair

Well designed and powerful cars, such as Mercedes & BMW are an ideal representation of world class German engineering. Experience, level of service and price are some key factors which can help you find a reliable car service center. You should trust only certified and reputable service centers to take care of your Mercedes or BMW service and maintenance. Thelatest hi-tech equipments, years of experience, and moreover, passion for their work, are some factors which make EUROCARS so distinct and unique. The trained and skilled staff gives personalized attention to all the service needs of your car. With such high end and reliable professional service you can be sure that your car is in safe hands.



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